What is the ReFi?

ReFi - Regenerative Finance is a practice of prioritizing the study of natural systems that are balanced, predictable, healthy, and sustainable, untouched by humans in the design of a new economy. It is a financial system that is focused on regenerating and restoring natural resources and ecosystems, rather than exploiting them.

Why ReFi

ReFi is a financial system that entirely aims to heal the world. The damage caused by global warming, and the harm done to nature and animals by human beings is increasing day by day. That's why, with ReFi, a global movement is started and economy systems, countries' economies, and state management systems will be completely under ReFi.
Governments are ready to take action as they have completed the preparation to move to the ReFi economy system. Putting everything aside, we need to start healing and saving the world from these damages as soon as possible for future generations and our future.